Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Happy Halloween from Farmersgirl Kitchen

I picked up this little pumpkin at the local farmers market a couple of weeks ago.  it was just the right size to sit on a plate on my dresser.  I probably should have made more effort with the decoration but I ran out of time!

I made some little treats, not too many as we live out in the middle of nowhere and won't have a lot of visitors.  I used the chocolate spoon mould which I got from Sew White and filled it with melted white chocolate (sort of bone like!).  The black and orange sugar gave it a bit more of a Halloween look.  The buns are a simple chocolate cake mix, I baked them in Halloween papers but they seem to have parted company from them, so just took them out.
I hope you have fun whatever you are doing at Halloween.


  1. Happy Halloween Janice! Love your pumpkin and treats.

  2. Happy Halloween! Love your pumpkin and treats too. I've yet to use my silicone spoon mould - great idea for halloween.

  3. Happy Halloween! I think your Jack'o Lantern and festive cards are lovely. I've never see a proper chocolate spoon before. I love the idea of edible cutlery!

  4. Great jackolatern. And the white chocolate spoons as bones is a good idea too.


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