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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Cheats Chocolate Cherry Trifle

'We should Cocoa' is celebrating a year of chocolate challenges by asking us to create a dish worthy of a 1st birthday party.  Find out more over at Chocolate Teapot  Now, as far as I am concerned, no party is complete without a luscious trifle.

I really did cheat quite a lot with this trifle, but it is delicious for all that.  No recipe - who needs a recipe for trifle? Here are some vague instructions instead - hee hee!

The finished trifle

Cheats Chocolate Cherry Trifle

Sponge Fingers
Tin of cherries in light syrup
Tub of chilled fresh custard
80-100g dark chocolate
Greek Yogurt
Creme Fraiche
1 tsp caster sugar
20g dark choc, grated to decorate
1. Fill the bottom of your trifle bowl with boudoir fingers, trifle sponges or any kind of sponge cake.
2. Open a tin of cherries in light syrup, pour the juice over the cake.  Take the stones out of cherries, don't worry if they look a bit of a mess, this is a trifle!  Put the cherries on top of the soaked cake.  You could add some cherry brandy at this stage if you want.
3. Take a tub of bought fresh custard, warm it gently in a pan.  Finely chop about 80-100g of dark chocolate, add to the custard and stir until it is all melted.  Take the custard off the heat and let it cool for about 5 mintues, then spoon it over the cake and cherries.
4. Put it in the fridge to cool completely.  
5. Mix together about 150g Greek Yogurt and 150g Creme Fraiche with a teaspoon of caster sugar.  Spread it evening over the chocolate custard.
6. Decorate with the grated chocolate.
7. Chill until ready to serve.

A single serving

Luscious layers left for tomorrow
Happy Birthday 'We Should Cocoa'

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At 17 September 2011 at 20:22 , Blogger Choclette said...

You're so right Janice - where would we be without a trifle! Having made and eaten my first ever chocolate cherry trifle a few weeks ago, I now how delicious it is. Thanks for joining the party.

At 17 September 2011 at 20:53 , Blogger Unknown said...

fabulous!... if cheating means getting the chocolate sooner than later, then who cares!

At 17 September 2011 at 21:30 , Blogger Karen S Booth said...

What a GREAT opening photo Janice, so elegant....and also a wonderful entry for we should cocoa too.....I love anything that cheats!

At 18 September 2011 at 00:15 , Blogger Athena Gray said...

Ummm....Yummy. Looks fabulous, Janice. Send some my way.

At 18 September 2011 at 07:46 , Blogger Marie Rayner said...

oh yum Janice!! I could really go for that. Cherries and chocolate are a marriage made in heaven! xxoo

At 18 September 2011 at 10:16 , Blogger Chele said...

Janice that picture of the single serving has me positively weak at the knees! Yum. And our first trifle to the virtual party table too ;0)
Thanks for taking part.

At 18 September 2011 at 10:25 , Blogger Jacqueline Meldrum said...

Oh Janice, you are killing me here :)

At 18 September 2011 at 15:15 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me too! This is torture! And chocolate and cherry is my favourite combination!

At 18 September 2011 at 19:26 , Blogger fiona maclean said...

just one word...yum:)

At 18 September 2011 at 20:04 , Blogger Kate@whatkatebaked said...

Indeed, what is a party without a gooey, gorgeous trifle, and Janice this fits the bill perfectly! I know I'd be back at the table for seconds, no, scrap that, thirds!

At 19 September 2011 at 02:45 , Blogger Unknown said...

I LOVE trifle, and it's so funny reading these comments. Lucky we're all so far away from each other, isn't it, there just wouldn't be enough to go 'round!

At 20 September 2011 at 18:52 , Blogger Unknown said...

Wow - this looks so good! Hmmmm wish I had that sitting in my fridge right now! : )

At 21 September 2011 at 21:53 , Blogger Grazing Kate said...

I could eat that RIGHT now! Beam some over to me please.

At 21 September 2011 at 23:08 , Blogger Phil in the Kitchen said...

What a wonderful thing is a trifle - great idea for a celebration party. Especially if I'm invited.


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